• How can I remove the recent wiki activity and popular pages on the right side of the wiki pages to increase the infospace for the actual content so it isnt all that squeezed together and allows for better readability? There is absolutely no purpose for the popular pages tab to appear since this is an informative wiki and not something to display "whats hot" now. And the recent wiki activity is also only really interesting for admins to see if someone tampered with the site and is also acessible through the little symbol at the top, so why even have it take up almost all of the side?¬†
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    • You can expand the width of the¬†article width and hide rail by the following CSS:

      /*Expand width*/
      #WikiaMainContent {
          width: 100%;
      /*Hides Wiki Rail*/
      #WikiaRail {display:none}

      However, this is likely to be a violation of the customization policy, so it can be used as personal, only.

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    • You can hide them with scripts for personal use, but they do just that: hide. They do not remove the entire right rail, or increase the width of the body text.

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