• I didn't get up to your other requests yet. Sowwy <~<

    I'm just doing Monollama's immensely hard render request and boy, that is actually hard to do! However, it slowly turns into muscle memory (Not kidding!), which means that my level of skills is also growing up :3

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    • That's alright, just let me know that you finish my requests. Can you add "Wiki" for this logo?

      The Princess and the Frog Logo
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    • No problem with this one, I'll do it later.

      Can you rate my best render so far?
      LeonKuwata Render
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    • Not Bad! 👍

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    • I feel proud of it because not even JoePlay was able to do it. Just see the sheer complexity of details...

      My parents are sleeping now, so I'll get to work on the requests as soon as they will wake up.

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    • I wish I could continue JoePlay's legacy.

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