• Hello! I'm Thundermaker300, an administrator of the Roblox Wikia, one of the wikis on the FooterMMOGames template. It has recently come to my attention that Jailbreak Wikia was added to this template. I don't see much reason to have this wiki on that template. Jailbreak is a game that was made on the Roblox platform, much like millions of other games. We have our own unofficial template for Roblox games that the Jailbreak wiki is apart of. I don't understand why Jailbreak would be allowed on the MMO template without also allowing all other Roblox MMO-styled games (which by the way, there's a lot!). Additionally, it's weird that Roblox would stand alongside Jailbreak, considering Roblox is a game creation platform while Jailbreak is only a single game on the platform. I contacted Sannse previously and was told to contact you. Are there any factors allowing this Roblox game on the template, without also allowing others on as well?

    ~Thunder (Page · Talk) 14:31, July 21, 2019 (UTC)

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    • Staff aren't maintaining these templates any more, so it's actually up to the community to decide which wikis get to be on which template. If this clearly doesn't make sense to you as someone who knows the games, you could propose removing it from the template on the template's talk page - or even go ahead and remove it yourself, leaving an explanation in the edit summary. If someone else has a strong opinion about why the wiki should stay on the template, they can let you know. 

      Either way, you're more than welcome to take matters into your own hands!

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