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    Puppy Eyes And An Apology.

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    I'm Truly Sorry For My Words And Actions.

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    I'm So Sorry For Everything.

    Please forgive me for what I had said and what I had done wrong.

    I am really truly sorry.

    I am not perfect.

    I am a human being.

    And even if I have to reluctantly hurt myself emotionally and mentally by doing this(!),...well, know what?,...Screw it!,...

    I'll do it,anyway!,...

    The heck with it!,...

    I admit it!,...


    And I also am thinking in the deepest and darkest part of my own mind that I am  wishing that I had never been born at all,and I hold my own deceased mother fully responsible for going through with giving birth to me. I also hold my own parents fully responsible for letting me be born instead of deciding to use whatever amount of money that they had for an abortion!,...And that abortion?,...It should have been me!,...And my own parents would have had just a daughter who would not have a brother. I secretly hate my own parents,and I want nothing to do with them any longer. They,...Are,..."Dead",...To Me. I may have other family members,but I won't be turning to them whenever I get a chance to. I also may have some good friends,but my trust in them will wear thin in time,and they might not be my friends anymore.

    I may like pets as well,which makes me act like a real softie,but I don't want to resort to any acts of abuse towards them,which means I might or might not want any pets of my own,even though cats are nice pets to have around,which is my opinion,of course. I am really sorry if I have too much to talk about in one way or another. I have a lot on my mind,and the deep,dark and disturbing thoughts and/or urges of suicide might eventually take it's toll on me and my mental health,and I could risk attempting to put an end to my own pain and suffering due to the depression that I oftenly find myself suffering from,which happens from time.

    I do not know if I either want to keep on living or decide to attempt to die of suicide.

    And I want all of you to know of some things when it comes to suicide.

    Depression,if left untreated,is the number one cause of death by suicide.

    Ignorance is not bliss. Suicide is neither a crime nor a sin.

    Suicide is a desperate act to end the pain and suffering caused by ignorance,the mainstream media seeing and/or treating suicide as a crime,and those who work in churches who see and/or treat suicide as a sin and/or an act of defiance against the will of "God Himself".

    Some people can be such a bunch of ignorant and recalitrant fools who have no understanding of what truly causes suicide,and how people who are having suicidal thoughts and/or urges feel whenever they are in a deep state of depression. 

    Everyone,...please, me some favors.

    Raise Mental Health Awareness.

    Seek help if and/or when you are suffering from depression.

    Do the best that you can to get to know your family and friends,and help any of them out as best as you can.

    Don't create more stigma!,....

    Break The Stigma!

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    Break The Stigma!!!!!

    That is all that I want all of you to do more oftenly.

    And on a unrelated side note,...

    I am now considering the option of closing my FANDOM account,thus rendering it completely,... #Obsolete. I am also comtemplating leaving FANDOM and not coming back to it at all for the rest of my own natural life. And when I decide to say "I'm sorry",...I truly do mean it,and I will back it all up,...100%,...even if I have to go through all sorts of heck to do so.


    "I. B. Perky Like A Turkey",...Says,...Peace,...Out.

    P.S.-Absolutely 100% no replies to this(!) message thread from anyone are required.

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