• Hello! I'm Thundermaker300, an administrator of the Roblox Wikia, one of the wikis on the FooterMMOGames template. It has recently come to my attention that Jailbreak Wikia was added to this template. I don't see much reason to have this wiki on that template. Jailbreak is a game that was made on the Roblox platform, much like millions of other games. We have our own unofficial template for Roblox games that the Jailbreak wiki is apart of. I don't understand why Jailbreak would be allowed on the MMO template without also allowing all other Roblox MMO-styled games (which by the way, there's a lot!). Additionally, it's weird that Roblox would stand alongside Jailbreak, considering Roblox is a game creation platform while Jailbreak is only a single game on the platform. Are there any factors allowing this Roblox game on the template, without also allowing others on as well?

    ~Thunder (Page · Talk) 20:35, July 18, 2019 (UTC)

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