• Latin915 He/she is a cyber bully and trying to messages again and removed my message. I have a good idea what a waste of ideas.

    Maybe Latin915 doesn’t care about you.

    I try my best to help you but it was wasn’t enough. Try to make your own pro wrestling wiki as your own and you can invite many users as you like.

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    • Latin915 Might lose if his/her friends with he kept ignoring you. Remember what I say make your own wiki is the best way. With you can’t get back to pro wrestling wiki and maybe make your own pro wrestling wiki. It probably the best ideas I got so far.

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    • With my friends try message to Latin915 and their message will get removed anyway. Chase McFly won’t do it anyway. I sure Stardust16 won’t do it either.

      Latin915 Is might be little bit rude. Remember I say make your own pro wrestling wiki as your own but try it make it different from the regular one.

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    • Sannse replied and this is what she said that made me confused "You can be polite and still be harassing. It's about keeping writing to people when they don't want you to.

      "Not replying isn't harssment, it's just doing something you don't like"

      But "NOT" answering/replying to someone when they write too u "IS" being rude, I'm just so confused what she means. Not replying to someone isn't harassment? I think it is, that doesn't make sense. Blocking someone for 30 years is harassment.

      If they don't what you to write to them on there talk page, then how can u request for a unblock/second chance if they don't what u to write to them? That makes no sense, it's really confusing to me.

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    • Hello there, I heard another user named DarkAngelv1 got blocked by Latin915. He wanted to tell Dean27 who is bureaucrat/admin in prowrestling wiki about his actions and now he would do it to user RadarRiot too who warns him that cursing at him was not allowed (Better to curse that bastard for his rudeness. He needs to be taught a severe lesson).

      The bad part is when I updated the current events in WWE today, either Latin915 or Wagnike2 would erase everything and blocking you on the spot.

      Maybe it's best you would make a WWE prowrestling wiki because I previously read something here in how local admins to be demoted for their terrible actions. Whenever I went to prowrestling wiki, they are more focus on previous PPVs and other wrestling organizations and wrestlers that I'm not familiar such as NJPW. But we could add it

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    • Dogimonking even reported this situation of Latin915 to the staff on the Community wiki, here: There's also an IP user that replied on there saying that I wasn't "quote" on "quote" wasn't being truthful and continued to blame me over the situation, saying I'm not innocent and everything. But I bet that it's Latin915 himself that's logged out of his account and is just only trying to defend himself over his actions, I don't know if it's him or not, but it sure looks like it. But just ignore that Ip user, he's just trolling.

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