• I hope you remember me as an admin from the lyric wiki.  I was the one who was into hip hop and also ran a bot (The Notorious B.O.T.).  It's hard to remember since it's been almost 10 years, but I think I also might have pissed you off a few times (sorry about that! Or maybe I'm thinking of someone else).

    I fully expected not to retain admin rights, but I couldn't figure out why I couldn't edit my own User pages.  I just spent 3-4 hours trying to figure this out.  I couldn't write on anyone's talk page or email you (permission denied).  It was only when I saw the very small notice on the main page that I realized that the wiki was frozen for editing.

    What happened, exactly?  This comes as really sad news for me.  From the other comments on your wall here, it looks permanent.  This isn't like that SOAP API thing we had in the old days when we were independent, is it?

    - Team a

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    • This decision has been explained by staff at the Community Portal. I think it might be better to use Special:Contact for further questions; each user comes with their own reason and I think this should be explained by the decisionmakers.

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    • Hi, team a (sure, I still remember you), to be honest, this question is too painful for me to be answered calmly. In short - I still can not believe that's possible at all - just to take and so brazenly, peremptorily suspend the activitiy of entire community because of some controversial violations by some separate members. I still want to hope that this outrageous violation of the spirit of wikia will be fixed some day. Just we should not keep this deplorable silence of the lambs. Unfortunately my English is too poor to describe my frustration, grief and resentment for such a decision. Unfortunatelly, for a while only Kiefer was the only one, who has took at least some attempt to express his disagreement to such desision... Would you mind to make a more serious, organized and reasoned attempt? -Regards, sv

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    • A FANDOM user
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