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    I. B. Perky Like A Turkey closed this thread because:
    I simply felt like closing the thread,...okay?
    13:25, July 5, 2019


    Everyone who is on FANDOM!,...

    May I have your attention,please?,...

    This(!) is an official warning.

    I happen to be an adult male in real life.

    And my zodiac sign is Leo,The Lion.

    And I do have a temper,and my roar can be frightening to behold.

    For those who are on my good side,I can be a friend for life.

    But those who cross me WILL experience,...

    The Lion's Wrath.

    Please consider yourselves,...

    Officially warned.

    Absolutely NO REPLIES from anyone to this(!) message are required.

    Thank you very much for your time.

    [(P. S. - I have decided to close this(!) thread,which means that nobody will be leaving any replies to it. This(!) is MY opinion,...and MY opinion alone. And please make no edits to this(!) without letting me know all about it first!)]

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