• Hi KockaAdmiralac,

    Sorry to message you directly about this but I hadn't recieved any communication through the technical help forum for a few days from anyone. 

    On the Deltora Quest Wiki there is a slider on our home page (looks like a dragon flying with 4 links; Deltora Quest, Three Doors, Star of Deltora, Rowan of Rin). This slider was created by an admin on our wiki who is no longer active and it was never completed. I have been editing it and linking new templates to it with some success. I'm stuck with two problems however:

    I can't seem to be able to keep the slider from changing pages when you click on a part of it, like the slider on the Riordan wiki (which works) and where I think our previous admin copied the code from. Ours used to a while ago, but for the last year or so it will change pages, to each direct template page. 

    The second (and more complex issue for me), when I try to edit colours in parts of the slider like locations and characters, it will only use the original colours set up by our previous admin, which have names like topaz, amethyst, Dorne. I can't seem to add colours I have added to our location infobox template like Illica and I can't find a template on the wiki that links to the slider to add them in, so I have no idea how the original colours were added. If this is to confusing please message me below, I can't seem to find my head around it.

    I'm not sure if this is something you would be able to help me with or not, like I said before I didn't recieve any communication through the forum and I tried sending a request through to FANDOM but I still have not received any response through there, nor an automated confirmation.


    Archer of Az-Zure (Admin at Deltora Quest Wiki)

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    • I'm not seeing the slider script imported anywhere from your Common.js or ImportJS, nor am I finding it in any of the script pages on your MediaWiki namespace. Do you know whether any scripts have been deleted from the wiki in the meantime?

      As for the colors, check Portalskin, GreekPortal and similar templates, they contain a {{#switch:}} statement that returns a hexadecimal color code based on the color that's inserted in the template parameters, so you can add new colors in these places.

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    • Thanks for answering KockaAdmiralac,

      I'll have a closer look into the slider script, I don't have much experience with the common or import js' so I'll get into contact with FANDOM if I get stuck. And yes you have solved the issue with the colours, I just couldn't find what templates they were.


      Archer of Az-Zure 

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    • A FANDOM user
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