• Hi! I’m on Percy Jackson wiki and a few others, and I was able to share pictures under discussion up till now. It will load the picture, but when I hit “Create Reply” it wont to anything. It will glitch and turn a different color, (example, on PJ Wiki the button is dark blue, I will hit it and it will become light blue, but not save. Same is for Harry Potter wiki, but with the opposite colors.) I think this problem came with the new update. I’m also not the only one with this problem, a friend on Pottermore Wiki has the same problem. I am using the website, not the app, though I hope to be getting it soon. Can you help? Thanks!
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    • Please send a bug report to staff about this issue. Remember to include information about your browser in the ticket.

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    • The browser you're using sounds like a very important factor.

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    • FANDOM staff is aware of this problem and have called it a KNOWN ISSUE in an official post.

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    • A FANDOM user
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