• I am an admin at the Elder Scrolls Wiki, and came across a user who admitted they are a preteen in their profile. Anyway, from what I am aware the minimum age to open a wikia account is 13. However, I can't find any policy page here or on my home wiki to confirm that. If there is a minimum age, I need to know where I can find it in case I need to block the user or not. If I do need to block the underage user, I need to explain to them why and I would like to put link to the age policy in their message.

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    • Never mind, I found what I'm looking for.

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    • It's in the Terms of Use.

      Short version: if you're from the EEA, you have to be 16 (for GDPR). Anywhere else, 13 (for COPPA).

      You don't need to block anyone under 13, as a Terms of Use violation is a matter for Fandom. You can report the case via Special:Contact/general, which will lead to termination of the account.

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