• When you are banned from a wiki, you can see stuff but you can't edit, but that's not what I was asking, is up to the admin to give you chances.

    Let say I commit Sockpuppeting then the account gets banned

    Then I do a different rule, do you get chances or is it um...ban ban?

    sorry to disturb you with such a question.

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    • You can still view pages, but you may not edit them. You also can't comment, chat, upload files, create pages,¬†or message other users, and sometimes you can't even post messages/replies on your own wall (only if the "cannot edit own talk page" parameter is enabled).

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    • Is their a rule giving you a chance or just not?

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    • Nexusman501 wrote:
      Is their a rule giving you a chance or just not?

      What do you mean?

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    • This sounds STUPID, and um...when you are banned you can see everything but not do anything, does there have to be a strong case to lead up to that.

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    • That all depends on the wiki you are banned on. Different wikis have their own policies and guidelines.

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    • A FANDOM user
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