• Here are the release notes for Fandom's code release scheduled for May 13, 2019:

    • NOTABLE: We recently rolled out the updated Discussions layout to all non-EN languages.
      • KNOWN ISSUE: We are aware of a couple of instances of links not taking into account the wiki language - these are being investigated.
    • NOTABLE: After clicking 'view more' once on the Discussions front page, it will automatically load more posts as you scroll down.
    • FIXED: The Discussions guidelines hover pop-up now displays the correct formatting.
    • FIXED: Discussions notifications no longer claim everything was posted at midnight.
    • FIXED: If a Discussions tag was added via a redirect, it will now save correctly.
    • KNOWN ISSUE: We are looking into a rare issue where Discussions replies may end up on the wrong thread
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    • Looks great. Another thing you can handle is to ensure texts and images/polls can be posted at once, as it used to be (I know it was supposed to be taken care of). Greetings.

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    • I've noticed recently that when I try to view all posts by a user, I only see the last twenty, even for myself. There's no see more button or anything, it just stops at twenty posts, when previously it used to load more as you scrolled down. As an admin, I find it useful to see a user's post history when dealing with issues. And as a poster, I find it useful to find my old posts.

      Unrelated, is there a search function planned for discussions? I often see threads similar to older ones and I want to find the old thread because they often contain insights useful to new discussion. But since most posts are poorly tagged and uncategorized, scrolling down is the only option which is too cumbersome for a community with hundreds of posts.

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    • My biggest problem with Discussions since it was converted to Feeds is when I accidentally clicked right next to my unfinished post that I'd written up, it caused the editor box to refresh. It caused me to lose all my work with no chance of getting it back. I didn't have the patience to rewrite it from scratch until the following day.

      Another thing that I would like to see is to have the Discussions Guidelines converted so that it is editable in Feeds form. Since Feeds supports internal style links, whereas Discussions on its own only supports https: links that can't be made to resemble internal style links.

      I wanted to add links to the Guidelines of some of the wikis I administrate so that they have a more furnished feel, like forum threads used to have, since forum threads supported internal style links, as well as wikitext which won't be rolled out to Discussions anytime soon, if at all. But if I could just have the internal style links like I do with feeds, then that would go a long way for me.

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    • It would be nice if

      1. Guidelines have a way to exit them, plus some min/max values for width and height
      2. It doesn't look like someone zoomed it in to 500%
      3. Custom js/css loads
      4. Dark mode
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    • Yeah, I'd love to have custom CSS/JavaScript loads. I have also noticed other issues with discussions since feeds were rolled out. Sometimes if I copy/paste text and paste it, the pasted text will automatically disappear unless I am fast and paste the text multiple times before the first paste or all subsequent pastes have time to disappear.

      But I still need to be careful because it's still possible for me to accidentally delete all the text I've written while trying to delete most - but not all - of the text that I've written up, while clearing text that I don't intend on publishing. But thankfully I am still able to hit the undo button when that happens. Editing discussions posts since feeds were rolled out hasn't been nearly as smooth as I remember.

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    • A FANDOM user
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