• Hi RansomTime,

    after clicking my way through the bot help pages, I finally found your name; I hope you are the right person to turn to.

    WKPQ and me are admins of Asphalt Wiki. We have the comment feature enabled, and most of the communication on our Wiki takes place in comments under the article about the current game update. This means that update pages have a lot of comments.

    We recently made the mistake to rename these update pages. FANDOMbot renamed the comments subsequently, but not all. As there are new comments under the renamed page now, we don't know how to rename the pages back to their old name without losing the new comments.

    We have found that this must be a limit in the code of FANDOMbot restricting the number of page edits. The problem is: None of us installed the bot, and we don't know who the owner is.

    We'd be extremely grateful if you took the time to read our conversation and help us out, either by telling us a secure way to rename the pages back to their original name without losing comments or by telling us how to increase the edit limit of the bot.

    As we plan to rename other pages with many comments, I fear that the problem will reappear as soon as these pages have too many comments.

    You can answer directly in the above-mentioned conversation so WKPQ can see your reply, too.

    Thanks in advance


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    • Hi there, sorry it's taken a while to see this, I'm not very active on FANDOM anymore.

      I think your thread about sums it up, when you move a page with a lot of comments the bot will very slowly move them to the new location, it's best to just wait for this to happen. This, I feel, is a flaw in the article comment's design, as it takes an age to move the comments.

      The best way to continue if you're not sure is to contact Staff as they have a better idea of what's going on internally, it's been a while since I touched this system.

      Thanks again

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    • Hi RansomTime,

      thanks for your answer. In the meantime we got a Wiki manager who helped us out bit. There seems to be an additional problem: When you move a page while the bot is still busy moving the comments of another page, it will interrupt its work on the old page, as it seems.

      Well, we've learned our lesson... Will move some comments manually.

      Thanks and have a nice day!

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    • A FANDOM user
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