• Okay so turns out it’s actually nice and straightforward to make a bot. I even ran into some troubleshooting that involved accessing the browser’s console so how’s that for an untangled knot. Cannot speak for a downloadable computer bot though check it out there is something even better (so far as I'm concerned) in a JS based bot!

    This blog post  explains how to make one and something practical in how to use three of the JS scripts to help in two areas namely mass categorising images and adding licensing templates to all.

    The bot is actually another account that can be activated across wikis so rather than make a bunch of different bots for wikis you are able to keep it to just one and with that, think of another name! Ph1i5-B0t was perfect for me; it was an extension of my name that could be a total name or a standalone one and had the right amount of letters/numbers in the correct places, but whichever works for you.

    Recommended bot names:

    • Botzoola  - let’s everyone know it’s a bot with it in the name and you cannot go wrong with Botzoola.
    • 348738 - A bunch of random numbers because computer code, when else would you use a load of numbers, you can even sneak in whatever numbers first come to mind there and no one will probably be able to tell.
    • Drewds Rulez  - A fairly obvious one for you

    The JavaScripts are like a candy store you may choose the ones you like! The three in the blog are some specific examples to see how to do those areas, all unusually handy there and applicable elsewhere, too. Then scripts can be added wherever really, with those main ones there is also a better inkling on how to use the unfamiliar ones if they are required. The images in the blog should help with getting the specifics, like knowing enter is needed for FindAndReplace, at which point like everything it’s a nice leisurely process once we know how it is done. At this point if practice to see first hand is helpful then you could request from staff the bot flag on the Banana Fish wiki (and ask for any other wiki you would like to use the bot on) and test it on the image gallery for Episode 11 if you would like to.

    The process is:

    • Use FindAndReplace – to add image titles into MassEdit to add the licensing template.
    • Use FindAndReplace – to add image titles into MassCategorization to place them in categories.

    FindAndReplace is like a tree with the other two being branches out of it to add the information we need for images and Episode 11/Image Gallery can be used for both.

    Alternatively if you have wikis that need a bots mass edit help Ph1i5-B0t can simply help there! There are a load of other areas like MassRename, MassProtect so please do make any and all suggestions. The more areas for a bot to learn to help with the better!

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