• To the respective representative(s) of FANDOM,

    Hi, my name is Brandon, but I am renown by my online alias "SlenderDev". The purpose of my thread is to suggest the possibility of allowing FANDOM users to use their own registered domain name for their wikis. 

    I created The Chaser Wiki with the purpose of making it an official website of a game I am developing, and as much as I appreciate FANDOM and the services you provide, I desire to give my wiki its own domain name, rather than it being a FANDOM sub-domain. With this being said, could you please consider adding a feature that allows users to do this? Or is this too far-fetched?

    Regardless of what your response may be, I will completely understand. Keep up the good work and thank you for your time.

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    • Your best bet is Special:Contact/feedback, but I'll wager a decent sum that the answer will be no.

      It's bad for the brand if you decentralize the url, and a separete top level domain requires both a fee for the upkeep and a separate SSL and probably tons of things I haven't thought of.

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    • A good alternative would be to create your own wiki from scratch. Get to know PHP, learn tips and tricks with the MediaWiki engine, the most popular wiki engine on the web, and find a domain to place your site on. Tricky, costs money, but worth it.

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    • You could buy a domain and redirect it to a fandom wiki. GoDaddy offers a redirection service for the domains that they manage.

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    • That's also a nice solution.

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    • A FANDOM user
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