• Hello! I'm a writer for Fandom and a ... host? Personality? Talking head? on Screen Junkies. I'm writing some pieces about the MCU for editorial, and I was hoping to include some quotes from the Fandom community!

    If any of you would like to talk about what a specific character in the MCU has meant to you - their journey, favorite moments, etc - please share them here and we might include your attributed quotes in an upcoming article!

    And I know that this probably goes without saying, but I do want to emphasize that we want to keep this discussion SPOILER FREE. No Endgame stuff, please. Not even hints. Let's be kind to each other :) 

    Thanks so much, y'all! Looking forward to reading these.

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    • Hello Danielle. By MCU, I assume you mean Marvel Comic Universe? If so, it would probably be better to re-ask this on the Marvel Database. Each FANDOM wiki is dedicated to a particular topic; this one is for users to get help with creating/maintaining their own wikis. There are also a lot of other smaller Marvel/Marvel-related wikis. You can try asking on those as well. A simple internet search should turn at least a few of them up.

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    • I have a quote: "How do you pronounce MCU? Mckoo? Mackyou? Missooo?"

      I also would say that before the MCU (aka Marvel Cinematic Universe), I wasn't a big fan of the Avengers or some of their significant members, like Iron Man and Thor. The MCU made those characters more lively and funnier. I also was meh about Captain America, but some of the best drama came in the Captain America movies. I've always loved Marvel comics, but before MCU, I was more into X-Men, Spiderman, and Daredevil (which never had a good movie).

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    • A FANDOM user
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