• Eh, a sequel to the most popular thread for 2 days, im not going to talk about cgw or other crap, i will just talk about fandom’s ridiculos blogs and why i find em ridiculous.

    First off: Please domt close this thread. Even if it may be controversial, again, this should be a community discussion.

    Part one: anime blogs Look. I am Not a fan of anime, and i never have been. And this driving force practicly ticks me off when haf of fnadom’s blog posts are about this. And when i told brandon about this, he thinks the term “weaboo” is disrespectful. Really? Do your reasearch pls. Im not saying stop making em, just slow your role ok?

    Part 2: tv blogs

    Everywhere. Basically, there mostly about Gaem Of T posing or the Walking or whatever tv show. I see to much of it, and is kind of annoying.


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