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    21:26, April 23, 2019

    Why fandom have blocked Wikia lyrics? I think that the lyrics of a song cannot, in any way, be considered obscene and censored. The lyric of a song is to be always considered artistic expression, protected by the constitution of any free country. But, if you want, you can use a "parental advisor". Blocking a whole wikia because it contains some lyrics that an administrator considers obscene is an absurdity. It would be like closing the internet because there are pornographic pages! Wikia lyrics should be immediately unlocked.

    Since there are some lyrics that YOU consider obscene (and it is however an arbitrary judgment) I can no longer add lyrics from the Beatles, Elvis Costello or Caetano Veloso? This is totally crazy! It would be like saying that on the internet you can no longer talk about Martin Scorsese because there are some pages where someone write that Hitler was a good guy. It is something totally illogical and violent.


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