• SayuriDarling
    SayuriDarling closed this thread because:
    insults etc.
    08:39, April 15, 2019

    No.You did Raider.You destroy everything.You got crazy

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    • Are you stupid? You were rude towards the admins and got banned for it, along with some other things like spamming. Since then, you proceeded to make around 30 accounts to bypass the ban. And you call others crazy? Get a mirror and get out of wiki. There are people who will do better jobs than you. Have you ever friggin thought that maybe what you did wasn't good enough? I mean, what would you rate your own English anyway? 8/10? I'll give it 1/10. It's that bad. And so are your edits. Seriously, don't ever touch the wiki.

      And for your information, there's a much better way to make snapshots, and it doesn't need a camera.

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