• I saw that it is currently being protected due to excessive vandalism. I just wanted to know if this is permanent or temporary.

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    • Unfortunately, it looks more like permanent. Still can't believe such a shame is possible @wiki.

      Sorry, Senvaikis
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    • I was afraid of that. What a drag

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    • I onlly just started there and I feel dreadful. I can't begin to imagine how people must feel who have been there for years.

      This issue could potentially affect other fandom sites that host lyrics, so I was wondering if you could help me identify what went wrong? I don't want the same thing to happen elsewhere. I asked another user already but I thought I should also ask one of the admins.

      In particular, do you know what steps if any were taken to make sure content followed the terms of use and why they didn't work? Did Fandom help in trying find a constructive solution or were they heavy-handed?

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    • Hi, Senv. Sorry to dig up fresh wounds - I only just saw the news. What are you and the others doing now? I've missed editing with you guys, sorry I stopped being active but there have been many demands on my time.

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    • A FANDOM user
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