• Sorry if this seems creepy; considering I am a random person messaging you, but I have a reason.

    I am from the CountryHumans wiki, and I know how much some people on the CB wiki hate our community, and I can understand if you do not want to take action. You seemed like an admin that was active and had not really casted their opinion on CH's. (may be wrong.)

    Before you say, I am not one of the cliche people in the CH fandom, (eg, shipping crazy) but more or less interested in history. I actually really like the CB fandom but I am not going to edit on the CB wiki in fear of getting harassed for liking CountryHumans.

    A user on your wiki has been harassing us and vandalised almost all of our pages on there - calling us things and saying he was basically speaking on behalf of your community which I know is not the case. I am only alerting you because there are also no admins to block the user. I contacted the admin for handing over rights to another user and they did reply but have not yet taken action.

    I would just like to make you alert! I know you probably cannot do much but I would never vandalise the CB/PB wiki out of respect, even if I didn't like CB's. I do not want a war with your wiki; at all.

    If you go on the CountryHumans wiki you can find the user but I may link them in another message for easiness. ^^

    (I fear I may be harassed by this user for reporting them into you; but this may be the only way to stop them. That's why I reported them on here instead of directly on the PB wiki.)

    - Marshwillow (A CB ally, despite not being fully in the fandom, I guess)

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    • I'm going to be making a blog post about this, because while the wiki doesn't want to get involved in drama, this user dragged us into drama. I'll link it when it's up. Thanks for informing us about the situation.

      NESTLEH (talk) 03:49, April 3, 2019 (UTC)

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    • Yes. Thank you so much!

      When we have established admins, we're goimg to make it a rule to not speak negatively about CB's and any vandalisation on the Countryball's wiki linked with someone on the CountryHumans wiki will result in the user getting blocked on the CH wiki and probably as well as the CB wiki.

      Thank you so much again. They kept saying they are an adminstrator. When they're not. I want peace with both wikis.

      Thank you, - Marshwillow

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