• What I was wanting to do with my Infobox with the characters is describe what show or movie they came from, their name, alias, species, status whether they are living or dead, first appearance, last appearance and if so who they are portrayed by. 

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    • Have you read Help:Infoboxes?

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    • Yeah but I'm trying to figure out how the thing works. Like this example: 

      {{Infobox, and then name, alias, show/movie of origin, species, status, first appearance, last appearance and then finally portrayed by. 

      I'm just needing to figure out who to work this out where I am relatively new to making my own wiki

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    • The way the infobox works is that you create it in the template namespace using the tags that you see on the help page. When you want to use it on a page, call it using:

        | param1 = something
        | param2 = something

      "param1", "param2", etc. are whatever you provide as text to the "source" of the tags on the template page. For example, this is what you would put at Template:MyInfobox:

      <title source="name"></title>
      <image source="image"></image>
      <data source="alias">
        <label>Alternate Name</label>
      <data source="status">

      This is what you would put on an article page:

        | name = Julie
        | image = Julie in the Pool.png
        | alias = big momma
        | status = sick
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    • I got it now thanks.

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    • A FANDOM user
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