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    help please I was banned but early when I was playing and I was trying to talk to you a while ago but I did not know send message I got it now I was playing it and when I stopped to fight with the pokemon I was banned help please? Sorry Fullaninho157, you are banned from using this forum!
    This ban is not set to expire. If you believe you have been banned in error, please send an email to with as much information as you can.

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    • You'd have to email them.

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    • And how do I get back into my account?

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    • I do not know how to send by email

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    • This is Fandom. We can't help you with a Pokemon Planet account. Send them an email.

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    • Help me please, I do not know how to do this

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    • We can't help you. We can only help that is something related to FANDOM.

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    • What is fandom?

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    • Pokémon Planet is an online game. They have created a wiki (a type of website) to document information about that game. However, they do not want to deal with making the wiki from scratch; so they use FANDOM. FANDOM provides Pokémon Planet with ready-made tools and a server for hosting their wiki. However, FANDOM is not, in any way, part of or organizationally affiliated with Pokémon Planet. FANDOM hosts many different wikis. In the course of building a wiki, users may need help. That is what this wiki is for; getting help building wikis. Neither the admins here, nor FANDOM staff, have any ability to influence what happens on the Pokémon Planet servers. In order to get unbanned from Pokémon Planet, you need to contact the Pokémon Planet staff using the email address you already mentioned.

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    • help me! it seems that they have banned me by accident since I cannot enter pokemon and I have not done anything wrong to be banned
      Sorry incineroarelpro, you are banned from using this forum!
      Intentionally feeding in clan wars
      This ban is set to expire December 04, 2019, 07:21:59 pm. If you believe you have been banned in error, please send an email to with as much information as you can.

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    • Please refer to the previous replies and do not appeal your ban here. This is Community Central, which is not affiliated at all with Pokemon Planet. You can send an appeal through the email address you have been given.

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