• How do you make it show your activity ? Like this:

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    • It is an import from the dev wiki, which found here

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    • Those colors! My eyes are bleeding! ;-)

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    • Fandyllic wrote:
      Those colors! My eyes are bleeding! ;-)


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    • The colors used on the wiki are kind of sharp and headache-inducing (and probably not WCAG compliant for contrast in all honesty, for what it's worth).

      (Also, I find your pink text here hard to read, though I'm not sure it's headache-inducing (though on the gray backgrounds at least it might fail contrast WCAG guidelines), but more concerningly, your messages seem to contain unclosed span tags. That doesn't come with consequences in this scenario, but unclosed tags of any kind could easily have bad or far-reaching consequences somewhere else. (Unclosed divs used to cause major (site-breaking) navigation problems for Monobook users and AFAIK still cause more minor problems for Oasis (default skin) users, for instance.))

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    • A FANDOM user
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