• Hello,

    My name is Le Leo and I have to contact you as an unregistered User because I kind of broke the navigation bar via my global.css :/

    The thing is, I tried to undo the edit but unfortunately the key combinations do not work on this particular site and since I cannot see the save button, I cannot save the rescission :/

    I would beg you to delete the site altogether or at least delete the whole content (if possible, the least that has to be done is to undo my last edit), because I feel unable to work with CSS as of right now and I don't want to bother people every time I mess something up :/

    If this is beyond your user rights as Helper/Councilor, please tell me whom I could contact to fix the mess I made.

    Thank you for all the help you could offer.

    Le Leo

    (I also apologize for any language errors, I'm native to Germany and basically never visit English-speaking wikis, which is also why I don't know whether you are the right person to contact in my situation, or not.)

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