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    01:18, December 9, 2019

    syde im soory i aggervatied u on discord when do u plan to unblock ma also when can i come back to your server

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    • I haven't got plans to unblock you. If I ever do unblock you, it isn't going to happen any time soon. Also I don't currently have plans to unban you from the server either.

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    • okay i lost my first account than u banned my 2nd one

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    • There are several reasons why you aren't getting unbanned from the server anytime soon, or ever.

      1. You didn't ask whether it was okay to rejoin the server under a new account.
      2. The name of your second Discord account had the same name as one of the FANDOM Staff members on Wikia/FANDOM, which I believe was at least partially motivated by your desire to talk me into giving you roles which I had previously denied you. The FANDOM Staff member in question had to be contacted in order for them to confirm that your second account wasn't theirs. You should know that that kind of behaviour is unacceptable, even on other sites.

      For those and other reasons, I am currently not interested in unbanning you from the server, or unblocking your DMs since you bothered me even after I told you that I wasn't in the mood to talk.

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    • iil make sure to watch how i act in the future thx syde have a nice night

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