• Hello,
    Would it be possible to create margins in an article, and if it is possible, is there an Help page or a guide to create it ?
    Thank you very much

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    • QZxtr, are you asking about changing the article page margin or indenting your content?

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    • First of all, thank you for your answers.
      I found a really well-made page about a game (which would be almost perfect for me) which displays some interesting things : here is a random page
      First, there is two margins/columns which displays the data (one with some images, and a story... and an other with mostky numbered values);
      Second, these margins are separated, they are not, like in a table, glued together.
      These two things are essentially what I am currently looking for.
      Thanks, QZxtr

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    • I don't read much French, though you should probably take a look at their template's source code for an in-depth look at how to replicate that page style

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    • A FANDOM user
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