• Hello there, pleased to make your acquaintance. There were some suggestions to clear some messages that weren’t needed, there is a very large problem though namely this:

    "Summary Violation of Fandom Community Guidelines (name calling)"

    I couldn’t find “name calling” in the guidelines even if that message was out to call people names, "stroppy" certainly wouldn’t fall under that anyway. Would you mind amending the reason why the post was removed? To turn a light hearted comment, in keeping with what the other person was saying (trying to turn someone into a laughing stock portraying them as “upset” over nothing and overly sensitive) into something that is bad like name calling…

    People seeing that would take it at face value and get a wrong impression. More seriously, you may have unintentionally blown it vastly out of proportion stating that something would be done that is against the community guidelines, “violating” them no less.

    If it is not too much trouble would you mind amending this?

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    • At CC, I'm not really responsible for handling comments generally directed at Fandom, and this is mostly an issue for staff. Rules aren't "hard & fast" on the wiki, but Community Central Guidelines is the correct link and gives better detail. My apologies.

      Saying "Stroppy-...." crossed a line that the other users were toeing (at the very least). Ultimately, I was also relying on Brandon to moderate the Fandom-specific aspects of the thread, but I felt that the thread crossed a point I should immediately draw a line at.

      In future, I will try to nudge the general discussion in a more positive direction, but I will try "pause" such a thread in future (to give users a chance to be calmer). As you said, this applied to all users in the thread, and not just yourself.

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    • Hi, at the time the impression was that you were ignoring other deliberate bad behaviour, instead targeting my humorous comment made to lighten the tone. Then there was a permanent mark on my record turning this joke comment into some major serious terms of use stuff, violating the community guidelines for people to see evermore.

      Speedit wrote:

      Saying "Stroppy-...."

      Uh, this was also unintentional as well? My exact word was a six letter one, the latter part of a users name to make it funny, i.e: “Stroppy”- final part of username, and definitely not “Stroppy”-naughty four letter word ?!

      Still in any case nudges in the right direction are certainly the way forward. Rather than remove the entire comment; the second part of mine was (I hope) helpful to the title thread. Then again for some reason the thread was free falling into what was going on with Curse media for reasons I cannot tell you XD

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    • I agree that editing your comment may be appropriate, but it looks bad to have expressions of any feedback edited by mere admins and mods. Our goal is to let people feel comfortable with saying feedback to staff.

      I think it's fine if feedback is:

      1. negative towards Fandom - feedback helps guide improvement
      2. public, constructive comments at a user, meant to encourage better behaviour

      For the most part, you did well with that balance.

      I've edited my comment to reflect this conversation, and I think Brandon closing the thread covers anything that needed to be done. :)

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    • Fine by me, guess better then seeing deleted comments and the “This reply has been removed” thing. You do know you are able to remove those if you wanted to save space?

      Why thank you, I would only ever give helpful constructive feedback in any case, whichever makes things nicer in any given circumstance.

      Thank you for that too, the real issue was though in the history it has the whole name calling, violating terms of use thing as to why the comment was removed, that was the area that really needed to be amended.

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