• There is a wiki called MrMeme Universe Wiki that ripped-off of a meme wiki called founded by MrMemely, a hated user who was known to cause flame wars, discriminate against critics, acted racist, couldn’t handle criticism, vandalized pages, defending racist and offensive jokes, and using being a fan of a YouTuber excuse to excuses his actions. He caused damage in the Abysmal Roblox Games Wiki, and he tried to negotiate and continue his flame wars on the Perfect Roblox Games wiki. The MrMeme Universe is not a meme wiki, but rather a wiki that has pages of the youtubers and fandom users that MrMemely hated. There is a page called “Gaylegocats,” which is offensive to YouTube Greenlegocats123 and gay people as well. He blocks people for infinite for stupid reasons, such as sprite cranberry or big gay. It’s not even a joke; go look it up at the block logs and they’re actually true. A user named ThatDuderightthere from the Abysmal Roblox Games wiki, messaged him to stop with the immature behavior of his on ARGW. Memely says, “I’m not doing anything wrong noob,” and blocked ThatDude for infinite, even though he messaged him to stop. Please global ban MrMemely and his MrMemely Universe wiki, because he is too immature to be in wikis. Thank you for reading my comment.

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