• Hi Zeo. As you may know, I replied to a comment on the Rosalina article on the Mario wiki, which resulted with a ban. I know under the circumstances it may definitely seem like I run the other two accounts, but I can assure you that is not it. I was looking through the comments to the article and saw the comments of th two other accounts. Thinking it would be humorous, I made an account to reply to them. I would really like to be unbanned from commenting, if it's okay with you. What is more important to me is I'm not sure if I was IP banned, as on the page it said username or IP ban. I hope this is not the case as my sister, who lives at the same house, frequently uses a Fandom account, and would be devastated if me being stupid caused a ban. I hope you can consider it. 

    Have a nice day!

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    • Are you the Ambiverted user?

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    • Gosh, there are so many accounts similar to this action by the name. I would not role-play accounts on a thread, even if it is fun. We cannot have sockpuppets (even if you said you have none).

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    • (Sorry for not responding to this sooner).

      Like Derek said, you aren't allowed to have multiple accounts on the same wiki even if it means to roleplay. It could be your sister because there isn't really nothing to prove that is her (and no getting her to say she is the other account won't help because it could be you that's saying that) especially since those comments came around the exact same time.

      Now, this definitely seems sincere and I do believe in second chances especially if it's an misunderstanding so I'll lift the block off of this account. However, just to be on the safe side, the other ones will still be blocked because even if that other one belongs to your sister (which I'm still not sure about), there isn't really a good way to prove that. I'm only going by the evidence that those three Rosalina accounts just happened to reply at the same time.

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    • A FANDOM user
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