• Hey RansomTime it's me again. Just checking in to see if you are ready to unban me on the Wikia discord channel so I can stop evading my ban there. I could really use the ability to ask technical questions directly rather than making the questions amiguous and indirect to the problem at hand.

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    • Please stop contacting me about this. This is a permanent ban.

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    • I was just hoping that at some point you would reconsider this petty and childish Discord/IRC ban you placed on me because it's idiotic to make me continue to evade it. I am a positive contributor on the Wikia projects and it is frankly insulting to be banned from those venues because you and a couple others want to do favors for your friends on the WMF projects. I do not deserve to be treated like an enemy merely so you and a couple others can show everyone how much power you have.

      But ok, since you don't want to do the right thing, fine, I will continue to evade my Wikia IRC and Discord bans. But I hope at some point in the future my ban won't be about you doing favors for your friends on other projects and will be lifted because I am a positive contributor on the Wikia/Fandom community that should be treated as welcome in the community.

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    • I just want to add, I'm not sure as to the reasons of the ban but if this is how you speak with people when trying to get them to see your side of things, you're going to get absolutely no where.

      Calling someones ban "petty an childish" shows no remorse about the reason you were banned in the first place.

      The best thing to do would have been to think long and hard about the actions you've taken and why they might have led to said ban. Try and understand their side - even if you disagree with the outcome, a little empathy to the opposing sides situation will go a long way. But the way you're dealing with this now, really is no good.

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    • Well you have no idea about the circumstances of the ban. Bans should be given for a reason, not because someone on another Wiki farm is friends with an admin or mad here and asks them to help bully a positive editor of the community. You'll forgive me if I lack empathy in a ban that has no merit and shouldn't even be in place. Maybe if those who implemented the ban on me had a little empathy I would reciprocate, but there is little reason for me to take a knee and kiss the ring when the would merely spit in my face. I am a positive editor here on the Wikia projects and shouldn't be subjected to this baseless nonsense.

      If you want me to apologize or have empathy for an invalid and baseless ban directed at a positive member of the community, then they they should agree to treat me like a member of the community.

      Oh now I see what this is, you are a global mod standing up and supporting a fellow mod and op. Figures!

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