• Hello, I am a bureaucrat on the Kirby Wiki, and I would like an IP check on a user. Recently, an editor named GunPowderHell has started editing the wiki. This user has edited similar content to another user named AnnieCat10 and AnnieCat07; I assume both of these accounts are from the same user given the near identical names, among other things. I'm brought to believe GunPowderHell is a sock puppet account under the consideration that the AnnieCat07 account was improperly renamed to "GunPowderLove" via a page rename instead of a proper account rename. Both of the AnnieCat user accounts have been blocked, and as such, it would be important to block the GunPowderHell account, if it is in fact the same user, to prevent any more potential issues.

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    • Hello,

      Sorry for the late reply. I am sure the Community Support team can help you with this request - send them a message using Special:Contact.

      Good luck!

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