• In my math class there is this super crazy kid I won’t say his name for privacy reasons. I have a pic of him if you want to see, but he looks like your generic crazy kid (white as snow, black hair, loves guns, doing a call of duty style crouch on his desk, etc) so I sat in front of this nut job and everyday he’d pull out his protractor and scratch and stab the back of my neck. Also one day he was telling me about that ar with that extended clip that his dad has and that he loves and I’m like hol up. I kind of feel bad for him because his dad dislikes him for being wierd, but then again..... The math teacher is pretty fed up with his antics and does not care anymore (how is this teacher an ap teacher) so he does it all the time and I can’t do anything about it. One day he decided let me stab the dude in the neck as hard as he can and drew blood and made a neat little hole in the back of my neck. My teacher moved me for a day. When I got back in my seat the next day I asked her to move me permanently and she said next semester ( i don’t want to be the first one to go down if you know what I mean) and the semester amends in a week so I say whatever. Today, I get up to move, but my friend next to me left his backpack in the middle od the row and I almost tripped. Luckingly I had a place to grab onto and that was the nut’s desk. He instantly jumps up (remember is crouching in his desk) and stabs me with a pencil in the hand! In the end I try to be nice to him like when he collapses on the pe field because of his weak body ill carry him to the infirmary when he stabed I didn’t beat him up on the spot because if something goes down I would rather him not be like you first and instead he slide that warning. Another time a kid was doing a fortnite dance and he said he was going to shoot him, but luckingly all the councilors know what’s up and they are keeping an eye on him and there is really nothing i can do other than stay on his good side.

    The reason why I am telling you this is because you are a major contributor to the mental health wiki so you probably can help

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