• I dreamt that our family got a new computer (but it wasn't actually new, it was like a Windows XP or 2000). When it turned on it's face was your avatar. It was always smiling. Throughout the dream it helped us with a bunch of things, and I remember at one point sitting down and telling it 'you know, I view you as a person, as a member of our family.' the computer kept smiling and said 'thank you, I appreciate you saying that!'. eventually there was some kind of storm and the lights all went out. when they came back on the computer was beyond repair and we had to throw it out. I remember putting it into the trash compactor and then it's screen lit up. for some reason 'don't stop believing' was playing in the background. The computer was like, 'Hello again, I missed you!' and I just started crying and ran away as the compactor destroyed it. crazy dream, huh?

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    • Leaves me with tear in my eyes, and also a perpetual smile that I can't get off my face due to failed plastic surgery

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