• JustDanceTynkerMatty was a former friend of mine during the time before I got blocked on the JD Wiki, going through the GD era of my Wiki carrer and even working on a GD wiki together. On December 16, 2018, he got disabled. The Wikia rules say something about having to be 13 or older and not sharing private info (I became 13 in 2018 and joined in 2017, so i'm no fair to being blocked), and it seems he didn't listen. Here are the unalerted "About Me" info from the user:

    • I LIVE IN 6 Alexander Place
    • I WAS BORN ON July 8
    • MY OCCUPATION IS a fourth grade student at William E Cottle School.
    • I AM a boy.

    Now, after that he's been sockpuppeting. See JustDanceTynkerMattyAgain, followed by JustDanceTynkerMattyAgainGain and so on. Should we find a way to end his carrer on Wikia?

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    • Hello!

      If you believe he has any sockpuppets, I would recommend contacting FANDOM staff through Special:Contact/general and reporting them. Staff will look into it, check the IP, and disable them again.

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    • A FANDOM user
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