• You probably have forgotten about me and the MV123 incident. Today, I was clicking on making a page in Fantendo wiki. But then it said I was blocked. I was confused. So I looked back at my page and realized it was because Crunchtime420 accused me as a sock of MV123 and you blocked me. I would like to explain this whole incident so I can get unblocked here. I am not that guy. I went to the chat that day to clear my name and that's it. I was going to edit at the wiki, so I came and let you guys know the confusion of my name and MV123. He made an imposter account out of me before I joined Fantendo. All of his other accounts have been blocked since last year. There's a lot of proof that I'm not him. I can tell you in a reply below if you would like. But to keep it simple here, I am not a sock of him. I just came to clear my name since I was going to edit there. Can you unblock me?

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