• After years of providing edits with additional, and often necessary, information and pictures, or writing whole pages, I have decided to register instead of just confirming my IP address, as I am tired of lackadaisical editors changing, and even cutting or damaging, the rather detailed information and pages I provide, and then getting some sort of gold star for contribution. Quite frankly, this half-assed ethic is what is costing us players in Dofus, who are just as likely to be confused by many of the pages as they are to find anything useful.

    I am about to start a full set of wiki pages on Almanax, inclusive of screenshots (collected daily over the past six months), much like the French wiki, and I want to make sure it is done correctly, without any Vogon coming along and destroying the project with simple or unnecessary edits that ruin the whole gestalt of the project, without actually providing anything useful, just so they can get contribution points.

    If you want one word to describe me, use "pedantic".

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