• I've been tagging Wikiawrider for at least a few weeks now, and given that I've gotten no response from him and neither of you are terribly active around the Far Cry wikia, I'm resorting to coming here to see if I can get a hold of you.

    You two are the only sysops/admins on the site, and I seem to be the only regularly active b-crat left. I lack even the basic permissions to delete files or pages, as only admins have that ability.

    We've had a repeat vandal keep coming back, and on one of his recent accounts he added yet another selfie to the site that I lack any ability to take care of myself.

    I asked Wikiawrider before about adding me to the admin team or finding a way to give b-crat ranks the delete permission, and got absolutely no response at any point. I'd prefer not to apply for an adoption request just to get the delete permissions, but I've exhausted all my known options in the order of action before I do that.

    Given that I'm always active on the wiki, I have prior experience as a sysop/admin on a few wikias, and for the most part I'm the one also maintaining and creating the template systems, I could easily fill in as an admin.

    If I don't hear from either of you in the next week or so, I'll file the adoption request myself.

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    • Apparently I was somehow able to give myself the admin permissions as a b-crat myself. I'm not sure how, but I'm going to do my job now that I can clean out some of that massive backlog of spam and chaff images & files that have been built up.

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    • Bureaucrats are the highest rank on wikis. They can give others and themselves all rights, including b-crat rights.

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