• Recently we've added new cards to our wikia from the game Dokkan Battle. These cards transform during battle but are the same character. They just transform to SS2, 3,.. Since each form has different skills/benefits etc we used tabber to showcase the 5 forms on the same page. Now we're trying to link other pages to a specific tab. We've done this before but for some reason it doens't want to link correctly. It just shows the first tab in stead of the 3rd tab or another. We think this is because previously we used #Global or #Japan and now it is #Super Saiyan God SS. We think it's due to the spaces. I've been checking out other wikias and I copied one that worked on his wikia but doens't on ours.

    This is a page as example

    I linked it to the Super saiyan God SS form (5th tab) but it shows the Super Saiyan form (1st tab).

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    • Please give a link to a wiki where you saw this working. You may be assuming they use the same tab mechanism, but maybe they don't.

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    • I copied the code from the Russian Borderlands Wiki. I think it's not working on that wiki either. I was looking at a page with 3 tabbers (Tab1, Tab2 and Tab3). But after looking up which wiki it was, I'm thinking my eyes deceived me because I really thought it was Tab 1 not Tab1.

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    • From what I can tell, it looks like the code is supposed to be able to handle spaces. I did notice that it uses the setTimeout function. I am not entirely sure why that is. However, if the reason is to wait for something, it is possible that 0.1 seconds is not long enough. You could try increasing that value to something large, like 5000 (5 seconds) just to see if that is the reason.

      Otherwise, I would suggest contacting Fngplg about this if (s)he doesn't find this thread. The reason being that (s)he is the one that wrote the script. That being said, it would also be nice if you gave him/her credit in for it.

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    • i don't see any errors.

      also, it seems like u removed name of the author. i strongly suggest to put it back. Licensing might be useful to u.

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    • A FANDOM user
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