• I have been blocked on Minecraft Wiki because my friend spammed on it. When i tried to explain to the admins they said that i was sockpuppeting. This has happened to me before on Wiki. I have changed my password to something else to prevent more trouble. Can you help out?
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    • If you're asking me if I could unblock you, then I will unfortunately have to disappoint you. As a member of the VSTF we're there to aid local administrators in their fight against vandalism and spam, though by no means do we stand above them or have the authority to overrule any decision they made. I can only advise you to talk to the local administrators of the wiki where you were blocked. You are responsible for your own account and how it's being used, so be mindful to whom you give the password to. If the local administrators do not want to revoke your block, then I am afraid there is not much else you can do.

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    • Ok

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