• Here are the release notes for FANDOM's code release scheduled for November 22, 2018:

    • FIXED: We will fix an issue where missing /wiki/ from a non-English URL could result in a redirect to the wrong location. (Delayed from yesterday)
    • FIXED: We will fix an issue that could cause broken links on category pages for non-English wikis recently migrated to
    • FIXED: We will fix an issue where "posted in" links in the media lightbox could point to the wrong location on non-English communities on
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    • I haven't really got much to say about these particular release notes, except that I am pleased to hear that some things are getting fixed for the benefit of many users.

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    • Fabulous. I know some people were experiencing a couple of these. Glad to see it soon get resolved.

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    • Awesome, I hope for it.

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    • A FANDOM user
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