• Would you mind getting clean Muppet Show screenshots to replace the ones with Disney Channel logos on them (including Muppet Labs Pet Converter, Chris Langham zen-skiing, Chris Langham performing Hawaiian Cowboy, Side By Side By Side, Mr Dawson, Zuzu Fittzwaller, the Falling Alfonsos, the Singing Food singing Yes, We Have No Bananas in Episode 412, Muppet Sports: Wig Racing, the Bun-Bun Brothers singing Zipa-Dee-Doo-Dah, Gonzo and the farm animals singing Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens, Miss Piggy singing Some of These Days, Loretta Swit and a chorus of Muppets singing Side by Side by Side / What Would We Do Without You?, one of the pictures in Glenda Jackson's medley of several sea-chanty songs, one of Kermit and Fozzie's balcony scenes in Episode 517, Chris Langham's owl imitation, Foo-Foo's dog-act, Foo-Foo interrupting Kermit's intro, Statler and Waldorf talking about Cruelty to Animals, the backstage scene where Floyd gets left to take care of Foo-Foo, Floyd locks Foo-Foo in the drawer, Bear on Patrol: Fozzie captures an octopus, Swedish Chef: Hot Dogs, the backstage scene where Miss Piggy discovers what Floyd has done, The Electric Mayhem singing Rockin' Robin, the birds singing Take a Chance on Me and the goodnights scene where Janice asks Kermit and Piggy has anyone seen Floyd?

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