• Here are the release notes for FANDOM's code release scheduled for October 29, 2018:

    • NOTABLE: After a Featured Video starts playing and you switch to another tab, that player will not autoplay another video until you return to that tab.
    • FIXED: We will fix an issue where non-English wikis on were not linked correctly on WAM.
    • FIXED: We recently fixed an issue that meant new non-square avatar uploads were incorrectly not being cropped.
    • KNOWN ISSUE: We are continuing to work on fixing an issue where special pages have not received their expected daily updates.
      • A fix for this is likely to go live early next week, but we are in the process of manually running updates for all recently active wikis today (October 26).
      • Feel free to send in a request to Special:Contact/general and we should be able to manually run additional updates for your wiki.
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