• Here are the release notes for FANDOM's code release scheduled for October 11, 2018:

    • FIXED: We will fix an issue with incorrect encoding in the classic rich text editor's 'insert infobox' dialog. Thanks to KockaAdmiralac for this fix!
    • FIXED: We recently fixed an issue with inconsistent font sizes in Discussions replies.
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    • I was wondering if those inconsistent font sizes were made intentionally¬†:P Glad to hear it's going to be fixed.

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    • I hope that the user creation log issue will be fixed soon.

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    • @ C.Syde65¬†: I don't have an update on that atm, but I'll make sure the relevant bug ticket is up-to-date.

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    • Unok
      Unok removed this reply because:
      hmm, seems it was fixed and the "tile" part was holding it back
      15:19, October 13, 2018
      This reply has been removed
    • A FANDOM user
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