• Rappy,

    Looking thru forums I found there is a way to delete user pages that only show up as aka A FANDOM User with  ip address. = Special:Nuke. But I do not have Permission and need a Community Central Staff member to aid. The main reason I want to do this is:

    We've been tidying up/renaming pages and combining/moving pages so much that there are now 138 wanted pages. Most of these will link to (the above mentioned contributors) .... I've deleted the 'welcome' message on each of these 'players' walls but the 'wanted pages' still remain. I keep checking to see if this changes (after a maintence is done?)

    Our Wikia has had only 2 contributors (myself and one other) for the past year and a half. At that time a big change took place in the game and it became availalbe in Japanese language ONLY.  Our community disappeared. 

    If you can help.... 


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