• Hey, I run a small personal wikia for a game development project I'm working on. It would be really nice to see the 3D models alongside the text to provide a visual aid on a page.

    An example: If I have a Page called "Plant" for an item named "Plant" with details about where to find the plant in-game and it's uses I also kinda want to be able to see the 3D model for that plant.

    Some game developers, such as the RUST developers can embed Artstation OR Sketchfab 3D models, a nice example of which can be seen here under the "Building Supplies Loot Box" title of one of their Devblogs

    Specifically it would be an <iframe>

    Both Artstation and Sketchfab offer the embed functionality, I just don't know if it's possible to turn this into a "template:3dmodel" or something similar?

    The end result would be a Page which has an artstation 3D model embedded, like the examples above.

    How could I achieve this?

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    • This sounds like something better asked at Script Suggestions board on the Dev wiki.

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    • So, is there currently no way to achieve this?

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    • There is, by making a JS script that embeds the iframe. If the iframe isn't served over HTTPS it might not get approved, though.

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