• Need to talk to you. I want all pages about mr "Futuristichub" deleted. I want mostly the whole "real names" deleted now or any reference to "lifeintent" Which isn't me. This was debunked and my attorney is going to be involved with this. I am filing a lawsuit if nothing is fixed. I want Futuristichub pages gone now. It is nothing but harassment to my brand and made up lies. Don't block me from editing facts into my own damn page. Unblock me now so I can make the proper edits.

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    • Trevor807
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      20:21, July 6, 2018
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    • And I deleted it.

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    • Much appreciated. I've edited another page to better fit the Futuristichub brand with facts. Some pages about Futuristichub are biased and obviously aimed to hate, spread lies, and harass the brand. Thank you for your reply.

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    • Trevor he's lying to you. He never does have a lawyer. He's just scaring people with that along with his death threats.

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    • I knew it. I convinced myself by thinking of Derek Savage impersonating lawyers.

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    • Trevor you will need to speak to us and comply with our request (turning into legal demands here shortly)

      We have been patient long enough. All pages regarding the Futuristichub brand must be removed immediately or it will be removed by force and we will hold you and others responsible.

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    • A FANDOM user
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