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    The reason why revisions were hidden in ES Smashpedia has been explained.
    16:52, July 3, 2018

    This morning, I and other users had access to this file: (see [ logs), but now the file is vanished, and there's nothing in the deletion log.

    The file was a screenshot of suspicious "hidden revisions" actions on a particular wiki: (see the removed logs). One usually hides the username of a vandal, but in this case it wasn't vandalism. Those entries were removed several hours after they happened, and several users already saw what was posted there. Even if the username that posted the messages was offensive (which wasn't), the entire log is removed, even the user that performed the deletion (which is the same user that hid the entire log).

    Does anybody know how it's possible that a file gets vanished after it has been viewed by users, without any logs about it's deletion?

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    • Incidentally, the deletions were for messages by the user LordBot, which incidentally got his user page deleted on the spanish community without having any logs about that deletion: [1]. Note how the page was marked as patrolled by the FANDOM bot when it was created, but the page does not exist, and there are no logs about it being deleted. The page could only be patrolled if it was there.

      Is there a way someone can delete things without leaving any trace in the logs? MediaWiki was made with transparency in mind. I know that because I have contributed to MediaWiki. This doesn't look like normal operation.

      Also, there's a user that says today someone edited a comment he made in a blog post, but that edit was attributed to himself, as if he did the edit. I'd normally think this isn't possible, and the user was probably lying, but given those mysterious things that happen, everything is possible...

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    • I'm not sure I understand what's going on here.

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    • Wikia has added a permanent page/file deletion option due to GDPR, but I don't know if they are supposed to be using it for anything aside from GDPR-related things (nor if they have an interface for it).

      As for LordBot's userpage, it could have been COPPATool deleting it (because it deletes all userpages of the user being COPPA'd globally, see this for example). I doubt they would let an underage user into VSTF two times, though...

      For the blog post comment I have no idea. I seriously doubt a community Staff member could access appropriate resources to change that and, even if they could, they probably wouldn't know how to use such resources.

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    • And suddenly, I have been logged-out after refreshing the page... I wonder if someone is taking over my account too...

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    • Oh, actually, for the blog comment, it could have been a Staff member piggybacking their account. But that's really not what Staff are supposed to be doing...

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    • Yes Kocka, but unfortunately User:Luchofigo85 is abusing of his powers as staff. He disabled my account without my consent and now he BLOCKED Ciencia Al Poder for posting this. -I'm FalconX Zero (former VSTF member)

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    • This is pretty spooky, I think these kiddos are onto something.

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    • Ciencia Al Poder and former VSTF member Lord of Dark have been harassing users who edit in WikiDex. Remember that the old WikiDex admins decided to fork last year and instead of improving their new wiki they are trying to put down the WikiDex in FANDOM in any possible way. And their hatred is going beyond WikiDex because they contacted the ES Smashpedia admins to see if they wanted some help trying to fork the community. This wasn't an option in the community until both users reached out to them. LordBot, Lord of Dark's bot account, commented on the ES Smashpedia wiki in favor of the fork (even though he's not an editor of the community) and threated to harm FANDOM staff members, something unacceptable. I decided to remove those comments and made sure that they weren't going to be restored. Like Jenburton said, a toxic behavior is not permissible in FANDOM. For those users who have said they've left FANDOM, it's time to move on.

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    • Thanks for the transparency Lucho, this discussion really benefitted from it. Smiley

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