• There's not much time left on holiday, right Aayushi ? I'm sad because we are going to be separated when we just know each other. I have thought a lot about you these days. I realized that people somewhere on earth have to fight for something that is obvious at other places. And I cried about it! But I'm proud of the way you think and the things you're striving to get. It's hard when it on a girl's shoulders, but I believe you. I see a passionate fire wishing for freedom inside you. I know Indira Gandhi, and I see her reflection of her inside you. I want to say lots more to you, my dear friend... And thank you Bee Gees for saying out our feelings. " Symbol of my faith in who I am. And I must follow on the road that lies ahead. And I won't let my heart control my head. And I know what I've got to be" A dream that must come true Aayushi. I promise, I will only smile when I think about you! Love you...!

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    • Lavender...tha t was a igniting message. Thank you dear I really appreciate it. And yes today is the last day. :( And please don't worry about me... I am tough crack. I also don't want you to cry for me strong and that will be the greatest treasure. There are many things I need to accomplish..and 

      This is just a beginning. And the passionate fire in me has ignited and enlightened me . I am a fury . And the comparison is just too great . I am highly honoured . Thanks so much! <3 Some call me a bright flower, but the reason behind my brightness is my friends like you. I really need some support. Prayers are magical and miraculous . Remember me in your prayers. I see beyond the stars and I dream beyond the horizon but I believe in myself. I am grateful to you for understanding me ..and please please don't cry. 

      With love,prayer and care ,

      Aayu 💙

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    • Hey Aayushi!

      I found something marvelous throughout my trip to China. And probably no scientist has discovered it before...That is... The Great Wall is very looooooooong! Lol...It's probably longer than my hair but it's not long enough to be compared with missing emotions, because missing emotions are capable of overpassing time and space...No limit! That's my big discovery, because apparently I have never read that in any article about the Great Wall :)

      We will leave in laughter, right Aayushi? I won't write my prayers here, 'cause I will keep sacred things inside me. Whenever I miss you, Jose prayers will whisper in my heart.

      We'll never say goodbye my dear friend!

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